New York City Pilates Reformer Classes

Take your strength, flexibility, and endurance to the next level with Pilates Reformer classes from Rare Body Studio. While the reformer equipment can look intimidating if you’ve never worked with it, our experienced instructors will take the time to work with you to make sure you’re performing each exercise correctly and getting the most benefit for your effort. We work with people of all skill levels, so even if Reformer Pilates is new to you, we’ll be there to ensure that you have a great experience!

Work Your Entire Body in Less Time

Pilates Reformer classes provide a challenging workout that will quickly build muscle while improving posture and balance. Using the reformer equipment requires you to focus on your core stability through each move and because the platform moves, it’s much more challenging than it looks! Focus is put on using the correct form and proper breathing technique for each exercise. Done correctly, Reformer Pilates can help people feel refreshed, more connected to their mind and body, while also achieving a higher level of fitness. Interested in learning more? Stop by Rare Body Studio or give us a call to learn more about our Pilates Reformer classes — You’ll be glad you did!