Rare Body Studio is rooted in an abiding passion for guiding people to greater wellness. We believe that fitness is the perfect combination of work and play — an unmatched opportunity to be present and enjoy the gift of movement. Our gifted teachers are on a mission to welcome you into an accepting space where you can thrive from the top of your heads to the tips of your toes. We hope you’ll join us at our yoga and Pilates studio in NYC. Meet the team below!

  • Colette Delangre – Owner
  • Leeza Elmazi – Instructor
  • Abbey Sherrard – Instructor
  • Debbie Nugent – Instructor
  • Foxy – Studio mascot

Each member of our team has a unique journey and is passionate about being a positive part of yours. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or you’re nervous about trying Pilates for the first time, you’ll find friendly allies at Rare Body Studio. There are no prerequisites to joining our family and taking our classes. In fact, you’ll know you’ve found something really special when you enter our clean studio and receive a friendly welcome from our mascot, Foxy. Meet Foxy and the rest of the team when you try your first class today.

We offer more than half a decade of experience in yoga, Pilates, and beyond. No matter who comes through our doors, we’re on a mission to change their lives for the better. Try a class at our yoga and pilates studio and join our family today!